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30 Video & Audio Lessons

Learn from 20 vocabulary videos and 10 listening lessons on 10 incredibly useful business English topics such as meetings, slang, presentations, interviews, and company structure.

Proven Method

Each day, Lucy guides you through her methodical approach to improving your vocabulary and listening skills. She has transformed the lives of thousands of students in her 8 years of teaching English.

20+ Daily Exercises

Each 3-day topic consists of 2 vocabulary days, and 1 listening day. Each day contains 20+ exercises, testing you on both new and old vocabulary.

Enrol in the 30 Day Business English Challenge now to transform your professional skills!

Are you learning English to:

💬 Increase your monthly salary?

💬 Feel more confident in the workplace?

💬 Find a better job?

💬 Be able to participate in professional communication?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

I'm excited, because I can help you!

According to EF, Improving English yields an average 18% improvement in expected salary!

Many international companies require their employees to speak in English!

Most international conferences are held in English!

With my new 30-Day Business English Challenge you will:

✔️ Learn to use lots of English vocabulary that is appropriate for a professional environment.

✔️ Learn about English workplace culture and language

✔️ Learn about slang terms and jargon to avoid embarrassing situations.

Now, I have some terrible news, and some excellent news.

I think we'll start with the terrible news, to get it out of the way:

Business English is vastly different to conversational English. It can be a major barrier for English students.

Many students have no structure to their learning, and end up studying business English inefficiently, in a boring way.

This means that they make little progress, and lose motivation.

Are you ready for the excellent news?

I have yielded amazing results with my professional students! Many have gone on to get their dream jobs, speak at huge conferences, and command massive pay rises!

Look at what my dear student Raymond had to say:

Lucy's lessons gave me the most important thing - confidence. I am no longer afraid to feel silly or embarrassed at work. I know for sure that I am using the correct phrases. Above all, it was an enjoyable process.

Raymond, United States  

Are you ready for more excellent news?

I have created a 30-day course that will teach you well over 280 business English vocabulary words and phrases in just 1 month.

Imagine how much that will improve your vocabulary and understanding! We use a great memory method, and 20+ daily exercises to test your learning and boost vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and memory.

Hi! I am your teacher Lucy, and I will train you to feel comfortable and confident in professional situations!

I am passionate about teaching my students to speak and understand English in a business context.

I will train you to sound natural, yet professional.

I will train you to understand the words and phrases that are genuinely used in business situations.

I will train you to follow natural-paced conversations.

My challenge will drastically transform your professional vocabulary skills, and help you to improve your listening skills and your pronunciation!



Lucy, I want to join, but how does it work?

In this challenge, you will learn to communicate clearly and effectively in a professional environment!

The first lesson is released on the 1st of May, and you receive daily lessons for 30 day.

✅ After the 30 days, you have lifetime access to the course content.

Each lesson will take 15-30 minutes of time.

Each vocabulary lesson (20 total) consists of:

✔️ A text with 8-15 words/phrases in context.

✔️ Written explanation on all of the vocabulary

✔️ Lucy's video lesson. I read the text, and discuss the vocabulary.

✔️ 20 exercises to test your understanding and help you to retain your knowledge - thats 400 in total!

✅ Each listening lesson (10 total) consists of:

✔️ A audio with the words/phrases in context.

✔️ 3 transcription exercises

 ✔️ 10 comprehension questions

✔️ 10 gap-fill exercises

✔️ A language focus lesson based on language and pronunciation

In the 30 day challenge we cover 10 relevant topics:

  • small talk
  • job interviews
  • presenting
  • meetings
  • company structures
  • describing bosses and colleagues
  • jargon and slang
  • money
  • telephone english
  • technology and software

✅ At the end of each day, you have the option to take some bonus lessons (included in the price):

🎁 10 x Language Focus - extra information on pronunciation and spoken English.

🎁 20 x Extra Reading - extra information on cultural aspects.

✅ Each day there is a comments section that you can use to communicate with me and my teachers. You can ask questions, clarify doubts, and request feedback.

I have done all the work for you, so all you need to do is attend each day to see results! It's all ready for you!

Here's Everything You're Going to Get With The Business English Challenge:

#1 - 20 Business English vocabulary videos (VALUE: $200)

#2 - 10 Business English listening audios (VALUE: $50)

#3 - 400 multiple-choice vocabulary exercises (VALUE: $69)

#4 - 230 listening exercises (VALUE: $39)

#5 - 30 language/pronunciation focus & extra reading lessons (VALUE: $60)

#7 - Daily teacher contact and feedback (VALUE: $50)

#8 - Digital Certificate of Completion (VALUE: $10)

#9 - Lifetime Access (VALUE: Priceless 😂 )

Total Value: $478

Join Today For $129

100% Risk Free

My relationship with my students is built on trust. I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on all courses. If you don't like it, I will give you a refund. I want to help you, and I want you to be happy!

Are you ready to join?

Just remember these 4 points:

  1. The challenge started on the 1st May 2022, but you can take the lessons at your own pace.
  2. You get 1 lesson each day, for 30 days.
  3. You need to dedicate 15-30 minutes per day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't like the challenge?

I offer a risk-free, 30-day refund guarantee on all of my courses. If you don't like the course, I will refund you.

What English level is this challenge for?

This challenge is suitable for pre-intermediate to advanced students.

How long do I have to access the challenge?

You have lifetime access! I release each lesson daily from the 1st of May, and you can keep them forever!

Can I retake the quizzes?

Yes, you can retake the quizzes as many times as you like.

Does this challenge give a certificate of completion?

Yes, upon completion I give you a certificate of completion.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts on the 1st of May, and the final lesson is released on the 30th May 2022

I am not ready to take the challenge. Can I take it later?

As you have lifetime access you can buy the course now, and take it later when you are ready.

Can I pay in my own currency?

All of my courses are charged in dollars, however you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal, and your bank will change this into your currency for you.

How much is this challenge in my currency?

This challenge is $129 + tax. You can check your currency conversion rate on xe.com

This course is closed for enrollment.