30 Real Conversation Clips

Listen to a 60-90 second audio each day of an interesting conversation between native speakers on the topic of British culture.

Proven Method

Each day, Lucy guides you through her methodical approach to improving your listening skills. She has transformed the lives of thousands of students in her 8 years of teaching English.

33 Daily Exercises

Each day you have 3 transcription exercises, 10 comprehension questions, 10 gap fill exercises, and 10 vocabulary questions. You can choose how much you do each day.

Enrol in the 30 Day Listening Challenge now to transform your listening skills!

You might recognise the voices in the conversations...

I interviewed 3 of my favourite YouTube creators about their perspective on British culture. Each day you will listen to a 60-90 second conversation clip. These are real, interesting conversations with native speakers!

Charlie Baxter

The British English Podcast

Charlie is a British teacher who lives in Sydney, Australia. He shares his perspective on the differences between British and Australian culture and language!

Joel Wood & Lia Hatzakis

Joel & Lia YouTube Channel

Joel & Lia are British YouTubers that love travelling to the US and discovering American culture! We have a great chat about UK vs USA, and Lia teaches us about tea!

Jess Dante

Love & London YouTube Channel

Jess is from New York but lives in London. She creates videos about how to see the real London! Jess tells me about her culture shock, and what it was like moving to the UK!

Have you had this experience in an English exam?

📖 Reading - pretty easy!
📝 Writing - not too bad!
💬 Speaking - ermm....ok!
🎧 Listening - DIFFICULT!!!

Listening is the hardest skill to master, but I have an amazing opportunity for you!

In my view, there are 6 exercises that really work, and all of them feature in this challenge!

1. Transcription exercises

Transcription exercises are seriously effective. Play a sentence, and write what you hear. Then, read the sentence and compare your result. Over time, this trains your brain to start working in a more analytical way.

Each day in this challenge you have 3 transcription exercises!

2. Real conversation clips

My pet hate (something I hate most) is when textbooks give scripted conversations. They aren't authentic, and they won't help you in the real world! If you want to improve your listening skills, you have to listen to real conversations.

Each day in this challenge you have a real, 60-90 second conversation clip!

3. In-the-moment comprehension

Take a real conversation, and answer true/false or multiple-choice comprehension questions in real-time, as you listen. In real life, you won't have time to pause a conversation, and think about what everything means. You've got to try to gain general understanding in the moment.

Each day in this challenge you have 10 real-time comprehension exercises!

4. Targeted Vocab Study

It seems broad, but if you don't know a word when it's written down, how on earth (how, emphasised) are you going to understand it when you hear it in a fast-paced conversation? If you want to improve your listening skills, you have to check where you are lacking in vocabulary, and try to fill in the gaps!

Each day in this challenge I teach you relevant vocabulary!

10 daily vocabulary exercises - I test you on vocab from previous days!

5. Studying spoken English and pronunciation

Conversational English is hugely different to written English. To understand it you need to focus on the language and pronunciation used. You need to know about topics like:

  • connected speech
  • the glottal stop
  • thinking noises like 'ummm' and 'eeeerrrrr'
  • interjections
  • noises of agreement/disagreement like 'mm hmm' and 'mm mm'
  • dropped syllables

Each day in this challenge there is a 'Language & Pronunciation Focus' lesson!


What if you have a question or a doubt? What if you want to write some sentences using the new words you've learnt?

​✅ Each day you can participate in the comments section and receive feedback and answers from me and my teachers!


To summarise, in total you get:

✅ 90 transcription exercises

✅ 30 conversation audios

✅ 300 comprehension exercises

✅ 300 vocabulary exercises

✅ 30 gap-fill exercises (10 questions each)

✅ 30 language/pronunciation focus lessons

✅ 30 extra reading opportunities

✅ An open comments section monitored by me and my teachers!

ALL for under $2 per day!

MAKE THIS COURSE WORK FOR YOU - choose the activities you do each day!

Are you ready to join?

The Challenge costs $99 + taxes - for ALL of the audios, exercises, and information.



Hi! I am your teacher Lucy, and I will train you to understand natural English conversations!

I am passionate about teaching my students to speak and understand real English.

I will train you to sound natural.

I will train you to understand the words and phrases that native speakers genuinely use.

I will train you to follow natural-paced conversations.

My challenge will drastically transform your listening skills, and help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation!


Lucy, I want to join, but how does it work?

The first lesson is released on the 1st of April, and you receive daily lessons for 30 days.

✅ After the 30 days, you have lifetime access to the course content.

Each lesson will take 15-30 minutes of time, depending on how many exercises you choose to complete.

Each daily lesson consists of:

  • ✔️ 3 sentence transcription exercises.
  • ✔️ a 60-90 second conversation audio
  • ✔️ 10 comprehension exercises
  • ✔️ a gap-fill exercise with 10+ key vocabulary words
  • ✔️ 10 vocabulary exercises
  • ✔️ Bonus Language Focus
  • ✔️ Bonus Extra Reading

In the 30 day challenge we cover the topic of British, American and Australian culture from multiple perspectives.

✅ The audio clips are taken from 3 interviews with native speakers. We study clips from each interview for 10 days.

✅ At the end of each day, you have the option to take some bonus lessons (included in the price):

  • 🎁 Language Focus - extra information on pronunciation and spoken English.
  • 🎁 Extra Reading - extra information on cultural aspects.

✅ Each day there is a comments section that you can use to communicate with me and my teachers. You can ask questions, clarify doubts, and request feedback.

I have done all the work for you, so all you need to do is attend each day to see results! It's all ready for you!

Here's Everything You're Going to Get With The Listening Challenge:

#1 - 30 REAL conversation audios (VALUE: $60)

#2 - 600 multiple-choice exercises (VALUE: $99)

#3 - 90 transcription exercises (VALUE: $90)

#4 - 30 gap-fill exercises (VALUE: $30)

#5 - 300+ new vocabulary words (VALUE: $30)

#6 - 60 language/pronunciation focus & extra reading lessons (VALUE: $120)

#7 - Daily teacher contact and feedback (VALUE: $50)

#8 - Digital Certificate of Completion (VALUE: $10)

#9 - Lifetime Access (VALUE: Priceless 😂 )

Total Value: $489

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Just remember these 4 points:

  1. The challenge starts when you purchase the course.
  2. You get 1 lesson each day, for 30 days.
  3. You need to dedicate 15-30 minutes per day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't like the challenge?

I offer a risk-free, 30-day refund guarantee on all of my courses. If you don't like the course, I will refund you.

What English level is this challenge for?

This challenge is suitable for pre-intermediate to advanced students.

How long do I have to access the challenge?

You have lifetime access! I release each lesson daily from the 1st of April, and you can keep them forever!

Can I retake the quizzes?

Yes, you can retake the quizzes as many times as you like.

Does this challenge give a certificate of completion?

Yes, upon completion I give you a certificate of completion.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts when you purchase the course, but you can take the lessons at your own pace/

I am not ready to take the challenge. Can I take it later?

As you have lifetime access you can buy the course now, and take it later when you are ready.

Can I pay in my own currency?

All of my courses are charged in dollars, however you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal, and your bank will change this into your currency for you.

How much is this challenge in my currency?

This challenge is $99 + tax. You can check your currency conversion rate on xe.com

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